Railway Health Monitoring

Keeping railway systems running smoothly is no easy task

As infrastructure evolves and becomes increasingly complex, it's essential for managers to monitor the health of network-wide assets remotely and fix problems that arise on-site quickly. All while navigating multiple vendors and IT platforms, which makes this challenging.

Our smart health monitoring solution for Axle counter systems provides an innovative solution to this issue. This system features a user-friendly interface for use in remote monitoring centers and a diagnostic app called Az LM DiagApp for on-site use.  It is built on the secure and safe Thales Transverse platform, ensuring maximum reliabilty and security.

With the Thales Transverse platform, railway operators using Thales Az LM axle counter systems can easily monitor and track their assets conveniently from a Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop supporting iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

The next Az LM System release will include the Az LM DiagApp, which will further enhance the system's capabilities.

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